Care Management

The financial health of your hospital or system depends on your ability to manage care across your entire acute and post-acute system by delivering the right care, at the right time, in the right venue, and at the right cost.

We partner with your care management leaders and staff to improve care management processes and ensure efficient and cost-effective patient progression. Using evidence-based best practices, peer-appropriate benchmarks, and an acute understanding of the regulatory and reimbursement requirements, we dig deep into your organization to identify root causes of any existing inefficiencies. This enables our joint project team to focus our operational improvement efforts. The result: more efficient care management that reduces the cost of care while improving the quality.

Client Benefits

Optimize length of stay
Improve patient throughput
Reduce bed turns
Improve patient discharge
Improve transitions of care
Reduce costs and improve quality

Our Approach

More than 21 years ago, Novia pioneered the creation of a clear approach for care management initiatives under capitation. Today we continue to work with hospitals and healthcare systems to transform their care delivery across the continuum.

Every client project is overseen by a clinician and every project team comprises a project director responsible for ongoing client communication and subject-matter experts with immense knowledge as well as established healthcare consulting experience. We begin each project with an assessment phase to identify opportunities to improve costs and efficiencies. We then vet each opportunity with you and together we prioritize the opportunities and determine the project plan to achieve the results. Once agreed, we move into implementation phase.

All along, we remain focused on our core tenets:

  1. We do good client work… every time
  2. We assemble strong teams
  3. We motivate our people for exceptional performance
  4. We operate our business in a manner that ensures your future and ours

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Nancy Lakier

Nancy Lakier, RN, MBA

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