Care Management Transformation

Transitional Care Management Billing: 5 Things You Need to Know

Wanda Pell, Director with Novia Strategies, shares 5 things you need to know about transitional care management billing – a financial remedy for physicians and hospitals to offset the expense of following patients after discharge to ensure a smooth transition and reduce readmissions. Download the full white paper at the bottom of this screen to Read More >

Impact of Value-Based Programs on Acute Care Hospitals

This post continues our series by Novia Strategies’ Vice President John Malone. The series focuses on the topic of how the shift to value is changing health care delivery, and how clinical redesign and reducing clinical variation are central to increasing value. You can find links to the other articles in the series at the Read More >

Clinical Redesign: Key to Shifting from Volume to Value

This is the first in a series of posts by Novia Strategies’ Vice President John Malone that will address the impact of various value-based programs and how hospitals and health systems should respond to stay competitive. This post summarizes the current landscape and sets the stage for future posts that outline specific strategies and tactics Read More >

Novia Strategies CEO Nancy Lakier Comments on Clinical Variation in the News

As hospitals and health systems face pressure to reduce costs while improving quality of care, clinical variation – the overuse, underuse, different use and waste of healthcare practices and services with varying outcomes – has become a hot topic. The reduction of clinical variation using care redesign strategies is seen by many industry analysts as Read More >

6 Strategies to Reduce Readmissions

In this two-part blog, Director Wanda Pell of Novia Strategies shares six strategies to reduce readmissions. Her first blog introduces the burning need to reduce readmissions. The need to manage readmissions continues to feature highly on C-Suite priorities. CFO’s are concerned with the loss of income, CEO’s with the public disclosure, and CNO’s with the Read More >