Staffing and Productivity

How do you plan to recruit and retain the best hospital staff? How severely is the ongoing nurse staffing shortage affecting patient care and impacting labor expenses in your hospital? What more can you do to develop an engaged, energized workforce? How do your productivity levels compare with your competitors and best practice organizations? And what changes can you make to improve productivity levels as well as employee satisfaction?

Every healthcare executive should ask themselves these burning platform questions. With healthcare costs rising exponentially, reimbursements falling, and acute care patient volumes declining, the pressure to reduce costs is as critical as ever. Labor expenses typically comprise the largest expenditure, making it a prime area for significant opportunities to reduce costs and increase productivity.

The pressures aren’t only financial. The ongoing clinical and nurse staff shortages and the fact that 1 in 5 newly licensed nurses are leaving the profession within their first year mean executives must pay extremely close attention to their staffing and productivity efforts. That’s where Novia Strategies can help.

Service Offerings

Staffing and Scheduling

Staff departments efficiently and deploy scarce resources with flexible staffing and scheduling systems.

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Improve workforce productivity, streamline processes, optimize your labor budget and improve employee satisfaction.

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Labor Resource Planning

Improve recruitment and retention with hiring plans for core and flexible staffing levels and associated proactive recruitment models.

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Productivity Academy

Ensure your department leaders have the skills, education and training they need to optimize productivity levels while delivering outstanding patient care.

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Client Benefits

Novia’s staffing and productivity consulting solutions enable clients to optimize labor productivity, engage their workforce, and deliver sustainable savings against their bottom line.

Quality patient care greatly depends on highly engaged, empowered healthcare staff. At the same time, your bottom line depends on your ability to tightly manage the size and productivity of your workforce. With Novia’s Staffing and Productivity consulting services – bringing operational expertise, technical knowledge, analytical tools, and a challenging yet collaborative approach – healthcare executives are able to gain cross-departmental buy-in and drive initiatives that achieve their healthcare staffing goals.

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