Are your surgeons able to start procedures on time? Are they actively engaged in the smooth running of your perioperative services? Do you have the capacity you need to grow your surgical volume? How is the shift from inpatient to outpatient surgical procedures affecting your system? Are surgery volumes declining, and if so, what are you doing to stem the decline? How much are your OR services contributing to your hospital’s bottom line? How much are they costing?

Every healthcare executive should ask themselves these burning platform questions. Never before has there been a greater need to inspect your surgical suite’s efficiency in order to improve access, decrease the costs, improve surgeon engagement, and demonstrate metric-driven outcomes. The transformational changes needed require executive vision and leadership. That’s where Novia Strategies can help.

Service Offerings

OR Governance

Formalize the engagement of your surgeons and anesthesiologists with a proven, unique governance structure that empowers physicians and holds them accountable for perioperative efficiency, quality and profitability.

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Surgery Efficiency

Ensure an efficient, cost-effective surgical suite by improving metric-driven processes such as first case on-time starts (FCOTS), turnover times, case cancellations, surgeon down time, and capacity management.

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Preference Card Environment

Reduce clinical variation and supply costs – while maintaining or even improving outcomes – through our data-driven approach to physician preference cards and resource utilization.

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Central Sterilization

Understand your growing risk and ensure your sterilization and disinfection practices comply with the most recent regulations and deliver the highest quality of patient care.

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Client Benefits

Novia’s surgical consulting solutions enable clients to maximize capacity, improve physician and staff satisfaction, and lower costs while simultaneously improving quality and efficiency.

Declining inpatient surgery volumes puts immense pressure on providers to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the surgeries that are performed within the hospital’s walls. This translates to understanding the key metrics that govern an efficient surgical suite, as well as real-time reporting and monitoring for ongoing efficiency and profitability. Through it all, the need to have engaged surgeons is paramount. With Novia’s Surgery Efficiency consulting services, healthcare executives are able to maximize the efficiency and profitability of this critical component of fiscal health.

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