Novia Strategies, Hospital productivity, quality, efficiency and operational improvement, and cost reduction programs

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Hospital operational efficiency and emergency room consulting


Novia Strategies' Mission:
To provide a wide range of innovative and right priced hospital consulting services to help bridge the gap between quality and cost.

Whether your hospital requires improvement within a single department or across the entire organization, Novia Strategies will develop realistic, tailor-made solutions for you.

During our consulting engagements with a collaborative approach, we conduct thorough assessments, develop detailed corrective action plans, and utilize many years of experience to support your implementation.

The links below provide detailed descriptions of our hospital consulting areas of expertise:

Overview of Novia Strategies' Services

Novia Strategies' sister company, Novia Solutions, provides complementary interim management solutions exclusively to healthcare organizations nationwide – filling short and long-term vacancies in mid-high level positions: Managers, Directors, and Executives.

Bridging the gap between cost and quality - Novia Strategies

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