Improving Pay Practices by Reducing Standby & Callback Expense

The client This five-hospital system wanted to improve pay practices by reducing expense related to standby and callback pay in the procedural departments. The challenge With more than $7.3 million spent annually on standby and callback pay in the procedural departments, our client recognized the opportunity to reduce these expenses while simultaneously improving pay practice Read More >

Battling Extreme Drug Price Increases

Top of mind for nearly every hospital or health system CFO is the roughly 10% annual increase in the cost of pharmaceuticals. Many of these healthcare executives might be surprised to learn that the main reason isn’t due to new novel therapeutics, but rather to older medicines with extraordinary price increases. These drug manufacturers are Read More >

Multi-disciplinary performance improvement team decreases clinical denials by 52%

The client This three-hospital system wanted to reduce denials and become a top performer in denial prevention and resolution by combining the expertise of clinical and non-clinical staff. The challenge To create a proactive denial management process that would result in decreased denials, our client needed to address their historical data capture challenges and decentralized Read More >

Impact of Value-Based Programs on Acute Care Hospitals

This post continues our series by Novia Strategies’ Vice President John Malone. The series focuses on the topic of how the shift to value is changing health care delivery, and how clinical redesign and reducing clinical variation are central to increasing value. You can find links to the other articles in the series at the Read More >

Clinical Redesign: Key to Shifting from Volume to Value

This is the first in a series of posts by Novia Strategies’ Vice President John Malone that will address the impact of various value-based programs and how hospitals and health systems should respond to stay competitive. This post summarizes the current landscape and sets the stage for future posts that outline specific strategies and tactics Read More >