10 Must-Reads for Healthcare Executives to Fund Their Hospital’s Future

Welcome to the second edition of our Novia magazine, featuring 10 must-read articles for healthcare executives to fund their hospital’s future. We’re excited about this new publication of healthcare thought leadership – and we hope you are too. It includes best practices, key learnings, trends and thought-provoking articles that we’ve published over the past few Read More >

5 Tips to Cut Supply Chain Costs

Have you, like many systems, struggled to reduce your non labor expenses to meet budget demands? Is your organization finding it difficult to sustain previous expense reduction and find new opportunities? Here are 5 tips to help get your non labor expenses and your supply chain back on budget – and keep it there. 1. Read More >

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

In today’s healthcare environment, we often think that all operational changes have to be major and transformative. In order to gain improvements, we have to gather an interdisciplinary team, undergo days of process maps and education of staff. Indeed, those tasks are required for major advancements. But sometimes we lose sight of what can be Read More >

Q&A: How predictive data analytics and proactive recruiting can improve nurse retention

With predictive data analytics becoming a hot topic in the healthcare industry, many of our clients are asking how analytics can help them with their staffing needs – beyond traditional productivity analysis. One of the opportunities we see is the use of predictive data analytics to develop a proactive recruiting model, which is a proven Read More >

Battling Extreme Drug Price Increases

Top of mind for nearly every hospital or health system CFO is the roughly 10% annual increase in the cost of pharmaceuticals. Many of these healthcare executives might be surprised to learn that the main reason isn’t due to new novel therapeutics, but rather to older medicines with extraordinary price increases. These drug manufacturers are Read More >