Plain Talk about Pay for Performance: Making the Wrong Mistakes

By Dr. James Ketterhagen “We made too many wrong mistakes” – Yogi Berra I realize that this may come as a shock to some of you, but human beings and the organizations where they work occasionally make mistakes (even the Federal government!) and there can be errors in the data that drives these programs. These Read More >

Plain Talk about Pay for Performance – 37 numbers you need to know

By Dr. James Ketterhagen The complex set of measures that comprise the three major CMS programs known as Pay for Performance can be overwhelming, as I started to discuss in my earlier blog post on Hospital-Specific Reports. Let’s continue to simplify all the information. It’s really not that hard, although wading through the multitude of Read More >

What your care management program may be missing – and it can cost you big!

By Joshua Johnson and Wanda Pell Day in and day out, hospital leaders work hard to provide a high standard of care that exceeds the requirements of governing bodies and goes beyond the expectations of their patients. Multidisciplinary teams are assembled to ensure patients transition through the care delivery system in the most efficient way Read More >

Plain talk about Pay for Performance: What is a Hospital Specific Report, and why do I care?

By Dr. James Ketterhagen Today I would like to discuss several reports that you may want to be aware of related to the three major Pay-for-Performance programs currently conducted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The “Hospital-Specific Report” (HSR) is a specific type of report compiled by CMS which provides each hospital Read More >

IT Buzzwords Every Healthcare Executive Should Know

By Don Martin mHealth, cloud computing and the “Internet of Things” – these are just a few of the IT terms every healthcare executive should know, according to a recent article by Managed Healthcare Executive. Don Martin, VP and Technology Practice Lead of Novia Strategies, contributed to this article (see his quotes on pages 3 Read More >