Hospital-wide staffing assessment enables hospital to achieve $5.2 million labor savings

The client 350 bed not-for-profit hospital located in Southern California The challenge The client facility had identified the need to significantly reduce their labor costs. They had been experiencing a decline in their general level of reimbursement, a significant reduction in their bottom line, and heightened competition in their immediate marketplace. The approach Together with Read More >

Evidence-based best practices deliver $1.2 million savings in premium pay practices

The client Acute care hospital in the Northwest with 280 beds The challenge The hospital had not reviewed premium pay practices and paid leave utilization in a number of years, so many policies were outdated and practices had grown beyond the original intent of the written policies. The approach Organized an HR Committee of dedicated Read More >

Nursing labor, quality improvements deliver $8 million savings

The client An academic medical center children’s hospital in Northern California with 311 staffed beds The challenge As part of a margin improvement effort, leadership needed to update productivity targets and establish accountability processes for reaching the targets and redesign underlying processes and workflows. The approach Novia worked with all nursing managers and leaders to Read More >

Benchmarking, productivity monitoring improve staffing efficiencies

The client A 300-bed hospital in Pacific Northwest that is part of a large multi-state health system. The challenge After going through a reduction in force prior to the Novia engagement, the client wished to stabilize staffing and identify additional achievable labor savings opportunities within a 12 to 18 month time period. Novia co-developed improvement Read More >

Quick-turn project ensures compliance with legislated staffing

The client This publicly owned and operated 496-bed acute care hospital was recognized for its integrated teaching programs as well as its world-class rehabilitation program The challenge Develop staffing targets based on in-depth understanding of the patient population, existing systems, processes, and support staff that would achieve legislative compliance while enhancing patient outcomes. The approach Read More >