White Papers

Surgical Hemostasis Management: Which methods are best for your patient?

By Angela Christensen, Consultant Choosing the correct hemostatic methods and agents requires clinical staff to understand the mechanism of action, efficacy and cost associated with the agent. This white paper describes the various hemostatic techniques and agents, providing a solid foundation for clinical staff to grow their understanding of this complex subject, enabling them to Read More >

340B Program Omnibus Guidance: Definition of a Qualified Patient

By Scott Drugan, Pharm.D. The Health Resources and Services Administration released its 340B Program Omnibus Guidance on August 27, 2015, which was published in the Federal Register on August 28, 2015. This 90-page document contains the most comprehensive set of clarifications that have been proposed since the initiation of the act in 1992. This white Read More >

The Complexities of the Two-Midnight Rule

By Donna Hopkins, MSN, RN, CMAC This paper reviews some of the changes revealed in the July 8, 2015, Federal Register and the operational considerations needed for improved provider documentation, care management and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) practices. Over the years, observation status regulations have changed significantly. Key drivers of these changes include the rise Read More >

Reducing Utility Costs – Top 4 points. How to gain buy-in from your hospital COO or CFO

With capital budgets continuing to strain, do you struggle with clinical demands taking precedence over infrastructure needs? Have your facility maintenance, repair and upgrades been pushed to the side to make way for other hospital needs? This paper illustrates a 4-point strategy for getting buy-in from the CFO and COO to commence an Energy Consumption Read More >

A behind-the-scenes look at Novia’s approach to aligning healthcare pay practices and compensation

The client In this highly competitive operating environment, healthcare employers are recognizing the short- and long-term value of positive employee satisfaction. With financial rewards as one of the main drivers of employee engagement, every hospital across the country is asking themselves “How can we increase employee satisfaction and still generate a return on resources invested?” Read More >