White Papers

Optimizing Care Across the Continuum

In order to strike the balance between ensuring quality and maintaining profitability, particularly as new health care business models emerge, health care providers need to make a smooth, efficient and effective connection from the physician’ s office or clinic to the hospital stay and then the return home or other appropriate level of care venue. Read More >

Integrated Operations Strategies: A Symphony of Care

An integrated operations strategy helps providers to communicate and coordinate across multiple decision points in order to achieve the best patient outcomes and maximize reimbursements. However, when a provider’s main priority is to provide care 24/7, the idea of proactively and cohesively managing each choice made regarding each patient can be overwhelming, especially in an Read More >

Expense Management Across the Enterprise

With the specters of Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement cuts and compliance costs looming, healthcare providers across the country are struggling to keep their bottom lines healthy. Providers cannot simply implement a checklist approach — balancing cost management and quality of care is an ongoing, labor-intensive process that requires consistent monitoring and implementing of sustainable and adaptable processes. Read More >

Rethinking Care Delivery: Payment Reform Drives Performance

Healthcare systems today face a multi-pronged challenge: How can you improve quality patient care and profitability amid growing costs and reductions in reimbursements? How are both financial and clinical quality reaped from operations? Yesterday’s ideas won’t meet the health care challenges of tomorrow. After years of unsustainable growth, healthcare in the United States is facing Read More >