Due to rising pharmaceutical costs, quality and safety imperatives, regulatory scrutiny on medication management, 340B compliance challenges, and reduced reimbursement rates, healthcare leaders are taking an ever closer look at their own pharmacy operations. With the Novia Pharmacy consulting team, this task can become more manageable and less risky.

With wide-ranging expertise in hospital-based pharmacies, employee healthcare programs and 340B, Novia excels at assessing, analyzing, designing and implementing pharmacy operational improvements to meet hospital patient care and service requirements. Novia offers a wide array of pharmacy advisory services and works collaboratively with clients to develop a clear and unified approach to decrease pharmacy-related costs, increase related revenue and efficiencies, and enhance patient care quality and safety.

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Service Offerings

Novia’s integrated Pharmacy suite of services enables clients to enhance quality and safety and to achieve sustainable long-term financial gains. This is achieved through:

  • True interdisciplinary collaboration with key clinical stakeholders
  • Leadership and performance improvement
  • Organization and operation redesign
  • Clinical service development and enhancement
  • Project management to drive implementation
  • Proper utilization and integration of technology
  • Regulatory compliance and quality improvement
  • 340B Program implementation and optimization


Client Benefits

Our pharmacy consultants work collaboratively with our clients to decrease costs and increase efficiency and quality of service.

  • Enhanced medication quality and safety – Improved medication management practices and proper technology implementation
  • Reduced pharmacy expense – Evidence-based pharmaceutical use guidelines, enhanced contract and pricing opportunities
  • Revenue enhancement – Pharmaceutical charge capture, competitive pricing, charge master and denial improvement
  • 340B – Implementation, optimization and regulatory compliance
  • Increased workflow efficiency – Complete operational review to identify and improve efficient resource utilization
  • Improved staff engagement – As part of a high-performing, patient-centered pharmacy practice


Practice Leads

Ready to take the next step? Contact our lead pharmacy consultants today.

Bill Denton RN, MBA – Novia Strategies COO

Bill Denton RN, MBA

Chief Operating Officer
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Scott Drugan, Pharm D – Novia Strategies Vice President

Scott Drugan Pharm. D.

Vice President
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