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With the spotlight on patient safety and quality of care, hospitals are coming under immense pressure to redouble their efforts to eliminate medical errors. Though it is a rare hospital that does not have elimination of adverse events and improvement in quality as strategic goals, many hospitals are struggling with organizational fatigue in addressing the underlying issues.

Novia Strategies, as one of the nation’s leading healthcare consulting firms, has a historical commitment to quality and safety that enables us to work quickly within an organization to identify the major causes of adverse events, implement a proven improvement program, and achieve rapid success in adverse event prevention. Interwoven into each of our service offerings, Novia also works with hospitals on safety and quality initiatives designed to achieve quality targets and reduce medical errors.

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Service Offerings

Novia’s comprehensive Safety and Quality Healthcare solutions optimize hospital quality and safety efforts, lead to significant reductions in Hospital Acquired Conditions, enable hospitals to achieve quality targets, and ensure the delivery of high-quality patient care.

  • Governance
    • Leadership and management structure
    • Medical staff engagement and leadership
    • Quality and Safety Committee structure
  • Culture
    • Readiness for change assessment
    • Organization-wide safety culture transformation
    • Safety hiring practices
  • Compliance and outcomes
    • Core metrics
    • Reducing Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs)
    • Universal protocol effectiveness
    • Health literacy programming
  • Delivery of care
    • Quality and core processes
    • Error prevention behaviors
    • Medication management
  • Quality services and functions
    • Quality department effectiveness
    • Error prevention training
    • Staff education and competency
    • Adverse event prevention and review
    • Patient safety rounding
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
    • Incidents
    • Safety and quality metrics
    • Response effectiveness
    • Patient satisfaction improvement
  • Revenue improvement
    • Value-based purchasing impact
    • Reduction of inappropriate readmissions
    • Reduction of HACs
  • Use of technology
    • Medication management
    • Fall prevention systems
    • Pressure ulcer prevention and treatment systems


Client Benefits

Novia’s Safety and Quality Healthcare solutions address organizational fatigue by achieving rapid success in improving staff and patient safety and quality of care. As physicians, nurses and staff recognize the possibility of success, a reestablishment of organizational energy leads to sustainability of the results even after the Novia team leaves.

For clients this means:

  • Renewed hospital-wide commitment to safety and quality
  • Achievement in reducing – or even eliminating – medical errors
  • Significant reduction in Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs)
  • Improved staff and patient safety
  • Achievement of quality incentive targets and improved reimbursement
  • Decreased costs of care


Practice Lead

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Nancy Lakier, RN, MBA –Novia Strategies CEO/Managing Principal

Nancy Lakier RN, MBA

CEO/Managing Principal
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