Our Team

Our Novia team proudly celebrates our 22nd anniversary this year. Originally founded under the name of InnoVia Health, Novia Strategies has grown from the vision of one person to become a dynamic, thriving consultancy with more than 150 clinical and operational professionals working with leading hospitals, healthcare systems and IDNs across the country.

Meet Our National Healthcare Consulting Team

Our leadership team includes former clinicians and healthcare administrators – all of whom have been in your shoes. Every one of us has an innate understanding of the pressure you face because we’ve faced it too. We’ll face it again and again with our clients, working shoulder-to-shoulder with you to get the job done.

Nancy Lakier

Nancy Lakier RN, MBA

Founder and CEO/Managing Principal

A dynamic, innovative leader, Nancy is renowned throughout the healthcare industry for her ability to help hospitals improve care processes, empower staff, achieve financial sustainability, and deliver better care to their community. As the clinician founder of Novia, Nancy’s commitment to Novia’s future translates to unwavering commitment to Novia’s clients and their futures. Read More >

Bill Denton

Bill Denton RN, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Recognized industry-wide for his expertise as a hospital administrator, Bill deploys evidence-based decision-making to reduce expenses and improve quality of care, with a laser focus on sustainability. As a clinician owner of Novia, Bill understands the need to balance organizational objectives and resources to create a sustainable and viable business. Read More >

Theresa Brandon

Theresa Brandon CPA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Managing Director, Compensation & Benefits & Revenue Cycle Practice Lead

Theresa possesses dual expertise in maximizing value of employment-related expenses and revenue cycle enhancements, resulting in significant, sustainable improvements to the bottom line. She excels at organization-wide engagement, from executives through delivery staff. Read More >

Scott Drugan

Scott Drugan Pharm. D.

Vice President, Pharmacy Practice Lead

Recognized industry-wide for his expertise in optimizing 340B programs and improving medication management across health systems, Scott also drives improvements in pharmacy quality and cost structure and champions new revenue streams. Read More >

Tom Fox

Tom Fox III

Managing Director, Non Labor Practice Lead

A driven leader, Tom is adept at developing strategic vision with C-Suite executives, physicians and leaders to transform how healthcare organizations utilize their non labor dollars. His acute attention to detail results in 100% success rate in achieving targeted non-labor expense reductions. Read More >

Jennifer Gleason

Jennifer Gleason RN, CCRN, MSM

Vice President

A dynamic, versatile leader with expertise in organizational behavior and leadership development, she excels at leveraging technology to enable system-wide improvements in quality patient care, safety, efficiency and satisfaction.Read More >

Donna Hopkins

Donna Hopkins MSN, RN

Vice President, Care Management Transformation

An influential leader adept at guiding healthcare leadership through the complex process of redesigning care delivery across the full continuum, Donna possesses the confidence needed to garner stakeholder support from clinicians and physicians across all levels of the organization. Read More >

John Malone

John Malone

Vice President

Combining clinical and performance analytics with change management coaching, John Malone partners with healthcare organizations to identify and reduce clinical variation. The result: clinical redesign initiatives that improve performance and clinical outcomes. Read More >

Don Martin

Don Martin

Vice President, Technology Practice Lead

A collaborative, thoughtful leader who rolls up his sleeves and leads by example, Don successfully guides clients through the complex process of optimizing existing technology in order to increase operational efficiency, improve the quality of patient care, and decrease the costs of care. Read More >

David Murdock

David Murdock

Managing Director, Labor Productivity Practice Lead

An analytical labor expert and educator, David is adept at using proven industry best practices, benchmarking and data analytics, together with staff education and engagement, to improve staffing productivity and efficiency in the delivery of quality patient care. Read More >

Tina Wiseman

Tina Wiseman M.Ed.

Chief Administrative Officer

A results-oriented leader, Tina holds an impressive track record of achieving revenue and profit growth objectives, motivating teams to success, and streamlining operations through Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and metrics. Read More >

Dan Stein

S. Daniel Stein, JD, MPH, MBA

Corporate Counsel

Dan’s expertise equips Novia to navigate through the complex legal, compliance and regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry, and to be highly responsive throughout contract negotiations so projects can commence quickly. Read More >

Gina Mehmert

Gina Mehmert MBA

Vice President, Marketing, Communications and PR

An accomplished marketing strategist, Gina is adept at coaching clients through the complex process of engaging staff through clear communication and innovative initiatives, resulting in increased staff engagement in sensitive initiatives. Read More >

Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith

Finance Manager

A dedicated financial expert who possesses solid financial analysis, budgeting and business expertise, Victoria also has strong project management and negotiating skills that ensure projects are delivered within budget and that clients experience positive expense management. Read More >