Bill Denton, RN, MBA

Bill Denton

Bill Denton, RN, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

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Recognized industry-wide for his expertise in using evidence-based decision-making to reduce expenses and improve quality of care, with a laser focus on sustainability.


As a clinician owner of Novia, Bill understands the need to balance organizational objectives and resources to create a sustainable and viable business. Underlying it all is Bill’s commitment to Novia’s core tenets, including: “First, we do good work.” Ultimately, this commitment to Novia’s future translates to unwavering commitment to Novia’s clients.

Bill works shoulder-to-shoulder with CEOs and CFOs in hospitals, health systems and complex IDNs across the country to deliver sustainable cost savings, safety and quality improvements, and efficiency gains.


Bill possesses extensive experience in healthcare administration and as a practicing clinician, and he brings that experience to guide clients through the complex process of identifying and implementing significant cost-saving initiatives – oftentimes in the tens of millions of dollars. In addition, Bill partners with C-suite executives as they work diligently to create a culture of change throughout their organizations in order to sustain the savings and improvements.


Bill’s career spans four decades as a clinician, healthcare executive, and consultant. He has led surgical departments both in small community hospitals as well as in large, complex academic medical centers. He is the founder of the Baylor Surgical Services Institute and served as the Executive Producer for the award-winning Pathways© Continuing Education Video Series, which is considered a global industry standard in the perioperative environment. Bill is a recipient of the United States Public Health Service Rear Admiral, Julia R. Plotnick Chief Nurse Award, for Outstanding Contributions to Nursing.

Education and Qualifications

Bill earned his Associate of Science degree in Nursing from Angelina County College in Lufkin, Texas. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration from Texas A&M University, and his Master of Business Administration from Amberton University.

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