Nancy Lakier, RN, MBA

Nancy Lakier

Nancy Lakier, RN, MBA

Founder and CEO
Managing Principal

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Dynamic, innovative leader with a passion for improving care while reducing cost. Nancy’s belief is that an organization’s ability to sustain success is built on integrating cost and quality efforts, to simplify rather than increase complexity, to focus on best demonstrated practice rather than “the way we have always done it”, and to build accountable teams of individuals who strive for excellence. These key tenets enable hospitals to deliver quality and coordinated care to their community, achieve financial sustainability and attract and retain valuable employees.


As the clinician founder of Novia, Nancy understands the need to balance organizational objectives and resources to create a sustainable and viable business. Underlying it all is Nancy’s commitment to Novia’s core tenets, including: “First, we do good work.”

Ultimately, this commitment to Novia’s future translates to unwavering commitment to Novia’s clients, as she works shoulder-to-shoulder with CEOs and CFOs in hospitals, health systems and complex IDNs across the country to redesign care, reduce costs, improve safety and quality, decrease staff cost and increase their engagement, and deliver sustainable results in all areas.


Nancy possesses extensive experience in healthcare administration and as a practicing clinician, and she brings that experience to guide clients through the complex process of restructuring organizations as they operationalize their strategic plans. During the nation’s first care redesign efforts in response to managed care, Nancy led the development of integrated care coordination methods and related efficiencies which resulted in improved patient outcomes and dramatically reduced costs. Much of her career has focused on care coordination, productivity and pay practices, which in today’s healthcare environment is again a critical need for hospitals and health systems as they seek to manage the health and wellness of entire population segments. Achieving this, while simultaneously delivering on financial and quality metrics, requires a degree of expertise that few healthcare consultants can provide.


Nancy’s career spans four decades as a clinician, healthcare executive and consultant. She established Novia Strategies 20 years ago, under the name of InnoVia, and has grown it to become one of the nation’s longest-established clinician-owned healthcare consultancies. Nancy held executive leadership positions at Scripps Health and San Bernardino Community Hospital, both in California; Fort Hamilton-Hughes Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, Ohio; and Children’s Memorial Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska.

Education and Qualifications

Nancy holds an MBA from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and a BSN from Creighton University. She has served on the boards and leadership councils for a variety of professional healthcare organizations.

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