Hospital Peer Review | Engage Physicians More for Better Outcomes, Improved Efficiency

Hospital Peer Review covers the important topic of physician engagement in improving efficiency and outcomes. “Physician leadership can be key to making clinical processes work efficiently and effectively,” Bill Denton, COO of Novia, says to readers of Hospital Peer Review. (Note this is a subscription publication.)

Case Management Advisor | Care Managers Can Improve Communication With Physicians

How can case managers help manage patients’ chronic conditions at home? Dr. Patricia Hines discusses this with readers of Case Management Advisor.

Fierce Healthcare | Hospital Impact: Physician advisers play evolving, integral role in today’s hospitals

The role of the local physician adviser went by the wayside for many years. Now hospitals are again fostering the physician adviser role from within the organization and local healthcare community. Nancy Lakier, CEO, and Donna Hopkins, VP, join the conversation with readers of Fierce Healthcare.

Hospital Case Management | Why the Two-Midnight Rule Is ‘Clear as Mud’

Wanda Pell, Director with Novia Strategies, shares her thoughts on the confusion surrounding patient status and what that means in relation to the Two-Midnight Rule in this Hospital Case Management article.

Hospital Case Management | Hospitals Are Still Confused About Inpatient vs. Observation

“There are a lot of patients whose status is clear-cut, such as high acuity patients whose need for admission is obvious, and patients who will definitely go home. The problem is those in the middle,” says Wanda Pell, Director with Novia Strategies, in this Hospital Case Management article.