Novia Strategies Congratulates Piedmont Healthcare, Winner of ECRI Institute’s 2016 Healthcare Supply Chain Achievement Award

Press Release: May 31, 2016

POWAY, Calif. — Novia Strategies, Inc. congratulates Piedmont Healthcare, a winner of ECRI Institute’s prestigious 2016 Healthcare Supply Chain Achievement Award. Piedmont, a Novia Strategies client, is one of only 12 healthcare facilities in the United States to earn the recognition. Now in its fifth year, this prestigious award honors healthcare organizations that demonstrate excellence in overall spend management and in adopting best practice solutions in their supply chain processes.

“Novia is incredibly proud to have the opportunity to partner in implementing successful supply chain solutions with a forward-thinking client like Piedmont Healthcare,” says Bill Denton, COO of Novia Strategies. “Their executive team, led by Kevin Brown, had a very clear goal in mind and the commitment to achieve it.”

According to ECRI Institute, the winning organizations were chosen from nearly 3,000 hospitals and health systems, with honorees demonstrating a high level of dedication to improving healthcare quality and reducing costs.

The dedication leading to this award also resulted in substantive savings for Piedmont Healthcare. “Working with Novia, we’ve saved $35 million in non-labor costs,” says Kevin Brown, President and CEO of Piedmont Healthcare. “This makes Piedmont stronger and allows us to focus even more on what’s truly important – delivering the highest quality care to our communities.”

Tom Fox, Managing Director and Non Labor Practice Lead for Novia Strategies, says the Piedmont team examined 13 controllable expense categories and agreed to prioritize six. They went on to review more than 250 data sets; interview more than 100 leaders, clinicians and staff; identify more than 150 savings opportunities; and qualify 89 of those opportunities. That rigor paid off – ultimately leading to $35 million in annual recurring savings. This full project is described in detail in a case study available at

“Delivering the initial savings is only the first step,” says Fox. “The key to sustaining those savings over the long term is maintaining the rigor around the monitoring of pricing and utilization while continuing to keep key stakeholders engaged with new ideas and new targets. Piedmont has a fantastic project leader in the form of Joe Colonna, the system’s VP of Supply Chain. He and his colleagues are committed to sustaining these savings for years to come and continuing to drive value with new opportunities.”

Developing a “culture of change” also plays a key role in sustaining the savings, Fox explains. In this project, Novia partnered with multidisciplinary client teams comprising Supply Chain, Finance and Quality department leaders, as well as caregivers and physician champions to create that culture shift. Active participation by these people throughout the process improves accountability and compliance with the decisions made. The team also tackles supply utilization, helping the organization think differently about how they use supplies, spend non-labor dollars, and continue to deliver quality patient care. Once the savings are implemented, real-time monitoring plays a critical role in providing early detection of any issues.

“We conduct bi-annual sustainability reviews for our non-labor clients,” Fox says. “Our most recent sustainability review at Piedmont Healthcare showed they are continuing to sustain the savings, and I’m convinced the cultural changes the project fostered are the reasons why.”

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