Novia Strategies Welcomes John Malone, Vice President and Clinical Redesign Expert

John Malone

With significant experience in clinical redesign and data analytics, John Malone brings additional bench strength and deep subject-matter expertise to Novia’s Care Management Transformation team

June 27, 2016

POWAY, Calif. — With clinical redesign – and more specifically, reducing clinical variation and improving care processes – becoming increasingly critical to a hospital’s ability to deliver high-quality, cost-effective patient care, Novia Strategies, Inc. is pleased to welcome John Malone to its consulting team in the position of Vice President.

“The CMS reimbursement changes and the shift from volume to value require healthcare systems to re-evaluate how they deliver care within their acute care walls as well as outside of their hospitals,” comments Nancy Lakier, CEO and Managing Principal of Novia Strategies.

“More than 21 years ago, we were pioneers creating a clear approach for care redesign initiatives under capitation,” Lakier says. “Today we continue to work with hospitals and healthcare systems to transform their care delivery across the continuum. With significant experience in clinical redesign and data analytics, John brings additional bench strength and deep subject-matter expertise to our Care Management Transformation team.”

John Malone comes to Novia with an outstanding track record of successful healthcare consulting, partnering with hospitals to improve quality and performance outcomes. He excels at helping clients improve patient outcomes and hospital performance by reducing variation in clinical processes and practice patterns at the service, DRG and physician levels, as well as improving related clinical operations.

“I’m excited to add my passion for clinical redesign and data analytics to the strong Novia team,” says John Malone, Vice President of Novia Strategies. “My goal matches perfectly with the goal of the Novia Care Management Team: To enable our clients to identify the impact and causes of clinical variation, understand how minimizing differences across all patient populations will improve patient outcomes and the hospital’s bottom line, and then to partner with them to implement any changes they need to make in order to achieve these goals.”

Throughout his 25-year-long career, John has achieved substantive results for hospitals and healthcare systems both in the United States and in the United Kingdom’s National Healthcare Service (NHS). His recent care redesign engagements have resulted in significant reductions in length of stay and average cost per case, as well as measurable bottom-line profit improvement. He has published articles on quality and change in the US and UK, and is a contributing author on the topic of coaching in the book “Organization Development and Transformation – Managing Effective Change”.

John earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, and his Master’s degree in Organization Development from Bowling Green State University. He is a fellow of the Life Management Institute and a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, Organization Development Network, and the American Hospital Association.

John can be reached at or 858-486-6030. Click here to read his full bio.

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