OR Governance

A successful proceduralists program depends upon engaged surgeons and anesthesiologists. The cornerstone of this work: establishing a successful Operating Room Executive Committee (OREC) or a Procedural Executive Committee (PEC). We’ve invested years in developing our unique governance structure, which – unlike many traditional Medical Staff Committees – has been proven successful even in the most challenging of structures. Through empowerment, authority and accountability, this physician-led group acts as a decision-making forum to enact changes that achieve efficiency in the procedural areas.

We deploy a disciplined, rigorous, data-driven approach that resonates with administrators and physicians alike. Physician-vetted, meaningful information enables the group to take decisive action at every meeting. Members fully understand that they are empowered and accountable for the efficiency and profitability of their surgical suite, while data-driven metrics and scorecards enable transparency and progress.

Client Benefits

Culture change to physician accountability
Agreement on rules, regulations and processes governing procedural areas
Optimize a capacity managements
Ensure compliance and accountability by all
Reduce costs and improve quality

Our Approach

Novia’s Operating Room Executive Committee and Procedural Executive Committee brings best practices, proven methodologies and peer-appropriate benchmarks from high-performing hospitals and systems across the nation. The governance initiative empowers physicians and instills accountability in ensuring efficient, cost-effective perioperative services.

OREC and PEC highlights:

  1. Shift accountability to surgeons and anesthesiologists
  2. Analyze current procedural services operations, governance and physician engagement
  3. Establish your OREC or PEC
  4. Create metrics and scorecard
  5. Facilitate meetings with materials and templates
  6. Give added momentum to the ongoing process and its sustainability

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