Our Approach

At Novia Strategies we have one goal: To help hospitals and health systems improve their operations, quality and financial strength so they can continue to care for patients. We achieve this by rolling up our sleeves and working shoulder-to-shoulder with you throughout each project. Then, we ensure sustainability of the savings and improvements made by creating a “culture of change” throughout your organization that elevates awareness and ensures accountability.

Our approach includes the following principles and goals:

  • Collaborate with staff to develop a shared vision that supports sustainable savings and improvements
  • Coordinate a program in which you set the quality parameters to ensure your care standards are maintained or improved
  • Generate recurring cost-savings to your bottom line – usually in the millions of dollars
  • Ensure your return on investment is expeditiously realized

Highlights of Our Approach

  • Executive Steering Committee driven
  • Stakeholder-developed
  • Developed one opportunity at a time
  • Patient-first
  • Short-term to self-funding
  • Results-focused

Our Two-Phased Approach in More Detail

Phase One – Assess opportunities to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality and safety.

The assessment process entails a detailed analysis of data and contracts along with on-site observations and comprehensive interviews with key stakeholders throughout the organization. This process provides the organization with an executive-level summary of where opportunities exist and realistic targets for what an implementation project would accomplish. The assessment is completed in 4-6 weeks and is typically performed by a team of 7-10 individuals, including consultants, analysts and subject matter experts.

Phase Two – Implement changes and create a culture of change.

We take a comprehensive, patient-first approach to reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving quality and safety, with dedicated teams established by functional areas. Our collaborative teams involve executive leaders, management, physicians and clinicians every step of the way. This collaboration and education is designed to build consensus, create a financial culture shift, and foster a shared vision to facilitate staff-supported changes to drive change. The process is supported by Novia’s on-site project teams, which include 7-25 consultants, analysts and subject-matter experts, depending on the size and scope of the engagement.