Preference Card Environment

An often overlooked but essential component of efficient perioperative services is a robust Preference Card Environment, which directly influences safety, quality, costs and physician satisfaction. Physician preference cards also provide a significant source of data regarding surgical practice, clinical variation and resource utilization – and can provide clear insight for reducing variation while maintaining or even improving outcomes.

Using our data-driven tools, we partner with your physicians, surgical staff and your supply chain colleagues to optimize your Preference Card Environment. The result: enhanced patient safety, surgeon driven oversight and accountability, improved surgical efficiency and increased financial stewardship.

Client Benefits

Optimize supplies, instruments and equipment
Reduce clinical variation
Improve turnover time
Reduce supply waste
Shift accountability to surgeons
Reduce costs and improve quality

Our Approach

For more than two decades, Novia has partnered with hospitals and healthcare systems to improve their efficiency, quality and financial health. Today we continue to work with hospitals and healthcare systems to transform their non labor expense management as they face increasing pressure to reduce costs associated with this major cost center.

Every client project is overseen by a clinician and every project team comprises a project director responsible for ongoing client communication and subject-matter experts with immense knowledge as well as established healthcare consulting experience. We begin each project with an assessment phase to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. We then vet each opportunity with you and together we prioritize the opportunities and determine the project plan to achieve the results. Once agreed, we move into implementation phase.

All along, we remain focused on our core tenets:

  1. We do good client work… every time
  2. We assemble strong teams
  3. We motivate our people for exceptional performance
  4. We operate our business in a manner that ensures your future and ours

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