Productivity Academy

Ensure your hospital leaders and staff have the skills, education and training they need to optimize productivity levels while delivering outstanding patient care.

Hospital leaders and staff face constant challenges as they try to deliver quality care. Instead of traditional productivity targets, nursing staff now must be able to deliver against new safety metrics, deliver patient care throughout the full continuum, and cope with staff shortages and turnover.
These changes require new roles, new skills, new responsibilities, new processes, and new performance indicators for all staff involved in patient care. Novia’s Productivity Academy ensures your staff have the skills, education and training they need to achieve productivity targets and deliver quality patient care.

Client Benefits

Obtain the knowledge and skills your staff need to deliver safe, efficient care
Understand how to partner with interdisciplinary teams and physicians to ensure efficient care transitions
Review models, role expectations, and processes
Improve staff recruitment and retention
Learn practical, hands-on, real-world ideas that can be implemented immediately within your organization

Our Approach

Novia’s Productivity Academy brings best practices, key learnings and benchmarks from high-performing hospitals and systems across the nation. The course arms participants with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver patient care effectively and efficiently throughout your organization.

Course highlights:

  1. Curriculum designed and taught by ASHHRA-certified members
  2. Customized lessons that address your organization’s goals and individual participants’ competency needs
  3. Flexible logistics and modular lessons to accommodate organizational needs and schedules
  4. Live and recorded webinars allow staff to catch up if they miss a session

Two options exist for attending the academy: via our customized webinar series or in-person at your site. Both options enable you to minimize your staff’s time away from their jobs while giving them the opportunity to learn with one another and ask questions specific to your organization.

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