Surgery Efficiency

Hospitals pay a significant price, based upon their operating cost per minute, for any inefficiencies or unexpected events in the surgical suite such as last-minute cancellations, delays in case start times, or lengthy turnover.

We partner with your surgical staff to ensure OR efficiency and cost-effectiveness by improving processes governing key metrics such as FCOTS, turnover times, surgeon down time, and case scheduling accuracy. Using data, analytics and peer-appropriate benchmarks, we dig deep into the problems to identify root causes. This enables our joint project team to focus our operational improvement efforts. The result: a more efficient surgical suite that maximizes its contribution to your organization’s financial health.

Client Benefits

Maximize capacity
Optimize suite and block utilization
Shift accountability to Surgeons and Anesthesiologists
Improve first-case on-time starts and turnover times
Improve staff productivity and reduce staffing costs
Manage by metrics and reliable data

Our Approach

For more than two decades, Novia has partnered with hospitals and healthcare systems to improve their efficiency, quality and financial health. Today we continue to work with hospitals and healthcare systems to optimize their surgical operations as they face increasing pressure to maximize capacity and reduce costs associated with this critical contributor to the bottom line.

Every client project is overseen by a perioperative clinician and every project team comprises a project director responsible for ongoing client communication and subject-matter experts with immense knowledge as well as established healthcare consulting experience. We begin each project with an assessment phase to identify opportunities to gain efficiencies. We then vet each opportunity with you and together we prioritize the opportunities and determine the project plan to achieve the results. Once agreed, we move into implementation phase.

All along, we remain focused on our core tenets:

  1. We do good client work… every time
  2. We assemble strong teams
  3. We motivate our people for exceptional performance
  4. We operate our business in a manner that ensures your future and ours

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Bill Denton

Bill Denton, RN, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

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